How’s it going followers?

Today I wanted to blog about a “publishing company” that has been scamming their writers and even the customers that have been trying to buy the work of the writers. There is also talk of potential sexual harassment going on for some of their employees.

The latest rumors has so many people left perplexed as one of the more respected publishing companies has left some of their ambitious writers left empty handed for the hard work that they’ve put into their work.

The owner of the company has been said to have sexually harassed some of the females who have been writing for the company. These females are also minors, which makes it that much more sick, not that sexual harassment of any form is ok.

The young females who have been writing for this company are said to have been selling themselves sexually so that they could have their dreams of being a writer fulfilled. I would hate to be the parents of one of these young females and know that they were doing these things in order to achieve their dreams. The worst part of this is that even the female writers who are giving into this sexual harassment aren’t even getting paid. Writers have been outraged by the fact that they are not getting their royalties for the hard work that they have put in over time.

It’s a true shame that the higher ups in this company would let such nonsense and unprofessionalism fly.

I hope that everyone who was associated with this company ends up moving on and partnering with a much better company.