My buddy who writes

One of my buddies who I was talking about earlier who writes poetry and other forms of writing is getting his book published. I just want to give him a quick shoutout on here and to tell you guys to look him up going forward as he is about to blow up. He has been working so hard for this moment and the hard work has finally paid off.

This buddy of mine was driving Cleveland limos back in his hometown for years just to be able to pay rent while he was working relentlessly to get acknowledged.

Now he’s getting his book published next month and he lives out in Los Angeles. Talk about making the big leap. If you guys are at all interested, go check out my buddy John Newton’s work. He is extremely talented and I would never risk the chance of tarnishing this websites reputation by giving off some mediocre writers name to go check out.

We will be posting the name of his book which he has wanted to keep on the down low until a few days out from getting it published. This is a book that you guys will not want to miss out on.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend and always remember that you can drop an email to us at anytime with any questions or concerns

Cheers mates.